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The Director Sandra - Stunning Trench Art Brass Cylinder

The Director Sandra - Stunning Trench Art Brass Cylinder

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The Director Sandra is an antique WW1 Trench Art shell case hammered and peacock design, fine example of creating beauty from tragedy.

Made from 75mm French brass canon shell, she show a lovely deep embossed pictures a peacock

Made out of recycled war refuse such as shell casings, Trench art objects are holders of soldiers' memories and reminders of the conflict they faced. Not to be mislead, Trench art does not just refer to things made by soldiers in the war trenches but also includes objects made out of war materials. The objects could be used to entertain and fill in time but at the same time help to mitigate the experiences of the war.

Her shell markings show that this case was made on contract for the French by Revington. 75mm Canone de Campagne which is a field gun.

Sandra Dates April 1916

The hole in her base shows she is ready to reuse into a customised lamp base.


Height: 26cm  Width: 9.5cm

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