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The Director Richard - Antique Vellum Indenture Document

The Director Richard - Antique Vellum Indenture Document

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Richard is an antique Indenture document,

Consisting of land deeds, marriages settlements trusts and mortgages. Wonderful penmanship antique manuscripts dating 1800s.

These are are legal contracts entirely written by hand on Vellum, which is a sort of parchment prepared from the skins of very young or still-born animals mainly calf, sheep goat. Some include large double sheets and each have wax seal and stamps.

These lovely antique manuscript would make a unique framed piece of art, table flatlay or preserved styled folded pieces of history. I personally have a couple used for my photography styling

Great natural colour and aged patina on each one. Each will display fold creases and discolouring to the paper due to age

Wonderful items for inspiring designers and creatives  

Sold Separately 

Option 1: Joseph Bradley & John France & Others 4th September 1858. Mortgage for a plot of land with a Bakery in Lancaster, Width: 72.5cm   Height: 58.5cm

Option 2: Robert Parkinson & Edward Jones 8th August 1900. Mortgage at Lytham and Preston in Lancaster, Width: 75.5cm   Height: 59cm

Option 3: Mr & Mrs Capstick & Mr & Mrs Woodcock 25th March 1815.  Has a small hole at his centre fold. Width: 79cm  Height: 65cm

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