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The Director Max - Antique Etched Copper Printing Plate

The Director Max - Antique Etched Copper Printing Plate

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The Director Max is a large etching on copper of memorial in Tong Church in Salop. This is the mural monument to Anne Wylde.

Monument to Ann Wylde (1609-24) daughter of Sir Thomas Harries Lord of the manor of Tong (1603-24). Died ten days after giving birth to a daughter also named Ann, married to John Wylde of Droitwich. Her mother was born Eleanor Gifford (connected to the local Chillington family) herself daughter to Roger Gifford physician to Queen Elizabeth I. Tong passed on the death of her father to her sister Elizabeth who had married William Pierrepont of Thoresby.

This plate is signed by J F Every 

Reversed is stamped:
R Pontifex & Son, 23 Lisle St Soho & 15 Upper St Martins Lane, 

Use these unique plates purely for decorate effect and add non glass frame. Or maybe collect a few as a decorative project as wall tiles.

Plate dates 1827-1849


Height: 17.5cm Width: 13cm

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