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The Director Lola - Topsy Turvy Doll

The Director Lola - Topsy Turvy Doll

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Lola is a Topsy Turvy Doll 

She is an unusual two headed and a two bodied doll one side black and the other white, conjoined at the waist where the hips and legs would  be. Just flip her body and skirt over to reveal one doll and conceal the other. 

Her heads are in resin with hand painted features

Body arms and hands are stuffed textiles 

Wearing traditional vintage clothing. Taffeta emerald green dress one side, with red and blue floral cotton the other side. 

Lola is a very rare doll as these Topsy Turvy dolls are usually made fully in textiles. 

Used Vintage condition. Fabulous decorative investment piece 

Dolls dates Victorian

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Doll Length:  38cm  Dress Length: 48cm  Width: 24cm 

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