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The Director Hazel - Antique Book Binding Embossing Tools

The Director Hazel - Antique Book Binding Embossing Tools

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Hazel is a tools for embossing and gold leaf application on leather 

Antique book binding tools. Decorative steel tools with missing wooden handles.

Traditionally used with heat to apply gold leaf foiling and blind embossing onto leather book covers and small handmade leather goods inclining boxes and trays.

Traditional craftsmanship tools still useable today as the designs are deeply engraved and still prominent and clear. 

The heads and shanks of these finishing tools are made from metal due to its ability to heat up quickly and then retain its heat. 

However these are a strong, durable. Have fun to customise your possessions or craft projects with this manual emboss stamp.  Can be suitable for stamping metal sheets, card, wood and leather...just add hammer 🔨 So challenge your creativity with these antique craft tools.

Old tools made from full heavy steel with nice aged patina 

Sold separately 

Option 1  • Corner / triangler Art Nouveau design

Option 2 •  Small Numeral 2

Option 3 • Bow and floral design

Option 4 • Geometric art deco edging



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