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The Director Hayden - Vintage Leather Postcards

The Director Hayden - Vintage Leather Postcards

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The Director Haden is part of a collection of used leather postcard

These are handmade and each design unique. Made of deerskin, majority of these cards are soft and supple. They do vary in thickness.

The face of the cards have the textured image and crudely hand painted. The reverse have the hand written address and paper postage stamp and post office ink stamp.

These were used in America and starting in 1903. They were decorated by pyrography which involved decorating the postcards using the tip of a sharp tool heated by fire. Designs were burned into deerskin and colour was often applied afterward. 

Hayden has age and wear to the leather but no obvious damage.

Collect theses for scrapbooking, journalling art, mixed media, decor and styling or framing.

The dimension vary slightly but average 

Width: 8cm   

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