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The Artist Riley - Antique Apothecary Bottled Essential Oils

The Artist Riley - Antique Apothecary Bottled Essential Oils

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Riley is a set of antique amber glass apothecary glass bottles

He is truly cool piece of heritage to introduce a touch of vintage to your décor.

These bottles still contain essential oil and their original labels 

Labels are printed Destilaciones Bordas Sevilla which is as Spanish firm with contents typed in French and English

He is in a vintage condition with a few  chips at opening and worn cork stoppers. They have some stain residue on the outside, which add to the vintage charm.  Bottle are approximately half full. 

* Evident odour.  These should remain sealed and for decoration purposes only. 

Riley Dates 1920c

These sit in an antique wooden spice rack 


Bottle height 8cm

Rack Height 15.5cm    Width 30cm   Depth 6cm 

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