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Antique Furniture Chippendale Design Plates

Antique Furniture Chippendale Design Plates

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Engraved copper plate designs from the design reference book The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Director Thomas Chippendale. These designs have been reprinted  onto these book sheets which were first published in 1762. Some pages also have designs on the reverse.

Option 1 - This design for a desk and bookcase. In this design, Chippendale has provided the dimensions for the construction of the item of furniture. In the plate description, Chippendale instructs that ‘The large Mouldings at the bottom of the upper Part may be two drawers’. The design for the inside of the desk is also provided. This plate was engraved by Matthias Darly ( –d.1781), who engraved many of the designs for the Director and his name can be seen on this original design. 

Option 2 - This is a design for a China Case with glass front and ends. The feet are cut through, but may be foiled and the frets glued on as on the rails. The rail in the front is divided into three drawers

Option 3 - This is a design for a Commode Cloths Press. With different doors. The underpart is is a shape. with carved ornaments for the feet, which go up the corners. with large scale mouldings.

Option 4 - This is a design for a Library Table with large scale mouldings. The rail in the front is divided into three drawers with a set of drawers on one side.

Option 5 - This is a design showing 2 designs of cloth chest that rest on feet. They open in front and have sliding shelves.

Option 6 - Ladies Writing Table and Bookcase. The upper doors are intended for glass. The middle drawer will pull out to have a green cloth or leather for writing on

These paper sheets are clean and damage free, with straight edges and are ready to frame


24.5cm  x  15cm

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