The Impressive Cheeseboard

The Impressive Cheeseboard

For anyone following Veganuary I apologies. but I want to inspire everyone else this #CheeseLoversDay on 20th January.
This is an image of the best cheeseboard I have ever had the opportunity to eat........and photograph. This board consisted of a very fine collection of French, English and Belgium cheeses. nothing too pongy. The chutney and jams were homemade.....not by me. It's great to have a choice of chunky and smooth texture along with sweet and sharp.  Crackers were a selection of herb and vegetable based from Waitrose (couldn't find an independent cracker maker)  Lots of fun to work out the best cheese, cracker and preserve combo.

Next time you are entertaining, pimp up your cheese board and invest in some fine antique and silver utensils, also sugar and cream set perfect for the chutney and jams.

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With pieces as old as 125 years...... cheese not included. 

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