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Not just a verbally pleasing word (i-skutch-en) are decorative plates which are nailed or screwed over the keyhole on a door to protect the surrounding wood. 

Made from brass, copper, tin wood and plaster. Most escutcheons are held onto the surface by small nails cleverly called “escutcheon pins”. 

Escutcheons have been used on furniture since medieval times. They were used on doors, drawers or boxes to protect the surface surrounding the lock from keys scratching it.

Escutcheons also took the form of trellis-pierced back plates handles, used for protecting hinged handles tapping against the wood.

They were originally created from iron, and are mainly produced in brass to this day.

Today many decorative escutcheons are cast from original antique designs into multiple brass pieces. This is still a specialised trade where metal workers use age-old techniques to handcraft these decorative escutcheons, preserving accurate and evocative historic designs.

They are now a desired source of decoration for any modern or vintage setting.


Our escutcheons, all reclaimed pieces, are a fun and unique way to add the finishing touch to your draw or door. We encourage you to think outside the box when deciding on style, shape and end use. Why not add an unpolished piece as a contemporary modern background, like a Teal front door?

Often collected for design inspiration, you will find their influence in prints on wallpaper and textiles and in traditional tattoos with hearts and skulls.

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