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Dating mainly from between the 19th and 20th centuries, this selection of silver glass and ceramics includes pairs of saltcellars, ale mug, singles and sets of jugs and sugar. All can be used for multiple purposes today, including their original intended use.


Salt was an important centrepiece of the Medieval and Renaissance tabletop. You welcomed someone to the table by sharing salt and bread and the salt would have been placed between the host and the most important guest at the table.

Salt was a relatively expensive commodity and was kept at the table in ornate containers called saltcellars or, simply, "salts" that acknowledged this special status.

As salt became cheaper, saltcellars became more functional in design and smaller for individual use.

Today these saltcellars would make great homes for your succulent collections.

Milk and Sugar Vessels

Sugar bowls and cream or milk jugs were, and still are, an integral part of Afternoon Tea.

Jugs evolved from mostly being used for men shaving or serving liquids in the 16th century, to being used for serving milk or cream in the 18th century.

Many of our desirable and collectable milk and sugar vessels can be teamed up with a matching set of tea or coffee pots from The Punks Vessel category.

Today, you can bundle some small buds and foliage in these vessels for creative table or sideboard decorations, or even use them to house the cotton buds in your bathroom.

Mugs and Cups 

A huge variety of mugs and cups and jugs have been made over the centuries and remain collectable with the majority dating from 18th century.

The late 17th century silver mugs were distinguished by a bulbous base and slender necks. From the 18th century they had more tapered sides. By the 19th century mugs became fashionable as christening gifts.

Our collection of mugs and cups are great for potting small plants too.

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