About The Goth

The history of vintage luggage is closely related to the history of travel. In the late 19th century suitcases were quite literally a case for suits.  These early suitcases were lighter and more portable than trunks, but primarily used for steam ship travel they were still bulky by today's standards. It wasn't until steam ship travel declined during the mid 20th century combined with the advent of air travel and the associated weight restrictions, that there was a universal reduction in the weight, size and structure of luggage.

We have sourced vintage and antique leather suitcases, with British heritage and a traditional hand-made feel from know and lesser known brands. ‘The Goths’ features a collection of medium to large size cases with authentic original fixtures. These cases have been well used and show general wear to the surface and some light marks inside.

A refined leather Vintage suitcase is a highly dapper and elegant accessory.  All our antique suitcases can be enjoyed and used for their original purpose.  Just double check your airline hand luggage restrictions before travelling!!

The Goths are well travelled. They have been to almost every continent. Their adventurous spirit means they will keep up with any of your travels, but it's equally happy to lounge around at home...


Vintage luggage is not only for travelling, it can be used at events, as a decorative storage solution or piled up neatly against a wall in a shop display. Old suitcases also make lovely decorations for vintage or shabby chic themed weddings! As well as props in Theatre productions.

Style with others suitcase, stack as a bedroom side table, or place upright next to a sofa for your magazines. Above a wardrobe for winter jumper storage. Many slide under the bed for extra storage.

A great option for a dog and cat basket – just don’t close it.

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