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Master Howard - Vintage French Baguette Basket

Master Howard - Vintage French Baguette Basket

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Master Howard is an extra long French antique wicker baguette basket

Howard has a charming handwoven wicker body, suitable to fit the traditional extra long french baguette.

He has is his original cotton /  linen lining fabric, which is looking very worn and rustic.

This type of basket would have been used for proving bread loaves before baking.

Both baskets are in lovely antique condition, with a obvious  wear, patina, distressing in the lining, and on the wicker. Random broken wicker at parts but nothing structural as they are still in strong and in a usable condition.

Today Howard will be great for storage, styling display, or to present bread on a long table for a vintage themed wedding. Wonderful bathroom or dining room accessory 

Sold separately 


Length: 114cm   Width: 13cm   Depth: 8.5cm

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