Unusual Wooden Antiques & Vintage

Unusual Wooden Antiques & Vintage

Not sure if you have noticed this, but whilst buying and selling for The Urban Vintage Affair, I am starting to see a trend of the strange, unusual and unique happening in the world of vintage and antiques. 

As mainstream items are being overlooked, the creatives are seeking something different, meaningful and with substance of conversation, maybe to distract us all from the every day dramas of current life. Wooden products playing a key role in the discovery of less than ordinary home decor. If you want to see something different, then here are some wonderful wooden items currently available from me and my dealer friends.


1.  Lovely hand painted Carved wooden Jesus originally made for a cathedral in France or Belgium. Dates C1900s. Measures High 122cm  

£570Stedwicks Antiques



2.  The Director Tara is a lovely vintage oversized printing block. She is Hand carved heavy piece. Could have been used for fabric or wall paper. Her design is of Art Nouveau William Morris style of swags and swirls with birds and leaves. She is a unique and characterful piece of carved wood, this would make a unique decorative item for the wall and shelf. Lovely uses wood patina you would expect from an antique piece. She is ready to hang with two end hooks.. Height: 66cm

£390 - The Urban Vintage Affair



3.  The Mixologist Zane is an Indian wooden spice box, He has a swivel top lid that turns on a metal pin and reveals 5 hand carved out compartments for spices. He is made from two solid pieces of wood, which has a well worn and used patina. Very charming versatile box allowing you to be creative with your end use.

£65 - The Urban Vintage Affair


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4.  A very well executed 'copy in wood' of a European salt-glaze stoneware jug.  These types of jug were common in Europe from the 16th century.  This would have been created by an indigenous master carver as a prestige object. Congo, 19th century maybe Kuba people?  lovely, rich patina. 15cm tall.

£350 - Adam Prout



5.  A vintage African birthing chair dating from the late 20th century, Wooden carved detailing, which shows figures performing domestic chores and ceremony. This chair dismantles into two sections, making it easy to dismantle and transport. The 2 part chair with a slotted back rest and arched carved floor leg seat. Most are associated with Western Africa and countries such as Nigeria The religious and medical practises are pretty much entwined in the culture, the squatting position has religious overtones, as the contact with the earth indicates fertility. These chairs are usually no more than 8-10 inches off the ground so that the woman could brace her feet on the ground to assist with pushing. This chair is reproduction from Nigeria Come in two parts for easy transport and storage. 

£154.50 - Vinterior



6.  Native American Chief, hand carved from one piece of hard wood. Free standing at nearly 2 meters. Unsure of the wood possibly lime or cedar wood. Age unknown. In the Native American and First Nations communities that traditionally have these items of regalia, they are seen as items of great spiritual and political importance, only to be worn by those who have earned the right and honour through formal recognition by their people. A truly fabulous and unique piece. Measures 180cm high x 134cm wide.

Message seller for price  -  Duchess Rose Antiques 



7.  The Director William is a lovely mould that was used to cast decorative concrete baluster columns for external balconies. Hand carved heavy solid wood piece. William would have been lined in wax before the concrete wax being added, you can still feel the imbedded wax residue which has also preserve the detail and appearance of the mould. He is a substantial and characterful piece of carved wood, this would make a unique decorative item for the wall and shelf. Lovely uses wood patina you would expect from an antique piece. William is believed to be of Indian origin. Be creative with your end use. Height: 64.0cm

£250 - The Urban Vintage Affair


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