When it comes to packaging, I read a lot of posts from brands and suppliers, on how they are using recyclable materials in their packaging and banging on about how it's best for the environment. Of course it is good to use recycled or bio degradable materials in our packaging , as long as it's manufactured in a sustainable way. As i'm sure, some of you are aware some recycling and making procedures can use excess energy contributing to more waste. So surly we are missing a point here.

The emphasis needs to shift slightly, to realise that we should 'reuse' before we recycle or even bin the packaging. Our objective should be to keep the packaging above ground and in use for as long as possible, right?! Surely that is a more sustainable action to take, focusing on lifecycle of the packaging not just where it ends up.
And I constantly here I don’t want to use bubble wrap. I no longer buy bubble wrap but I do have plenty, as Im sure many brands still do. In fact I have a a large roll of bubble wrap that I’ve used for the past 3 years. I used the same cuts over and over again to transport my purchases from auction to home, to wrap up my treasures up during antique shopping trip. I actual walk with a suitcase full when traveling to trade fairs. So the last thing any of us should be doing is not using the bubble wrap you already have. Take responsibility and reuse and keep above ground for as long as possible.
Yes of course it’s important that we can have biodegradable and recyclable packaging materials where we can but this also relies on our end consumer 'discarding as appropriate' and that is something we as a brand, can not guarantee. So for now let's try and make it super easy for the consumer. Packages received from The Urban Vintage Affair implement the following packaging rules;

• Nice attractive packaging - make it desirable so it will seem a shame to throw it away.

• Large sheets instead of small scrappy pieces - We use more than enough to protect your antiques, as this is the most important consideration. Small scrappy or torn packaging is more likely go straight into a bin, so we keep them big.

• Minimal branding - so you can use reverse side and reuse as gift wrapping or art projects.

• Strong good quality packaging - for longevity life

• Avoid plastic tape - Stop tearing when opening up and we don't like plastic waste either. Our paper tape is easier to remove from paper and still secures packages

• Use Ribbon instead of sticky tape - we can use natural string, however i find that string give the consumers "permission" to throw it away after unwrapping

• And just incase all the above was too subtle, we will actually ask you to reuse all the packaging.

I have sourced each piece of packing for the brand. All direct from suppliers who practice social compliance and sustainable manufacturing. I don't order from etail marketplaces or purchase from cheep high-street stores. All materials are tested and suitable to sit against any of our delicate antiques including acid free and colourfast materials.



I'm now in a position to use and sell Kraft Paper parcel tape. The plastic free alternative to sellotape. Good quality tape that I have used and tested for over a year. Here is the link to purchase / learn more sustainable parcel tape

Hope this post has been helpful, feel free to SHARE to spread the message and remember let's keep packaging above ground for as long as possible.  #ReuseBeforeRecycle 😊


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