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The Most Awesome Eggs

The Most Awesome Eggs

Eggs are not just for Easter. So here are the best and most awesome  ones we have come across. With some help from our social media followers I have sift through all the egg 'entrees' and collated this list. I'm sure you will agree this is a pretty impressive selection.   

ONE - Panthere by French Artist Christel

This artist carves and paints all sorts of egg shells from quail and ostrich egg shells.
This egg can also be illuminated from the inside with a stand support made by the artist Christel to illuminate her sculpted eggs, thus highlighting her extra-ordinary work of the shell.

TWO - Faberge Mosaic Egg

One of 50 Easter eggs made for the Russian Imperial family by Carl Faberge the Russian Jeweller.  This egg took over a year to make and was presented in 1914.  Made in a hand cut gold mesh frame with, platinum, enamel, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, topaz, quartz, sapphires, garnets and moonstone 

THREE - Smooth Egg Sculpture With Bow

Of course we had to include in our top ten, a giant shiny sculpture egg by Jeff Koons. Mirror-polished stainless steel with transparent colour coating. Only 5 uniques ones made each in a different colour. This one named Smooth Egg with Bow was executed in 1994–2009 and estimated at $7-10 million, and sold for $7.4 million 

FOUR - Blue eggs

Old Cotwold Legbar eggs are available in most premium supermarkets. These are pretty impressive  for breakfast with a distinctive pale blue shell. Deceivingly delicate outer shell colour hides a rich creamy yoke with a dense flavour. Old Cotswold Legbar eggs have plump and upstanding yokes, proud to be tasty and simply delicious when fried. We prefer them boiled or traditionally coddled.

FIVE - Vegan Creme Egg

FabFudge has made this Vegan Creme Egg for Easter. The egg covered in dark chocolate & hand finished with edible gold spray paint. It's a stunning eye full. 
These are available for a limited time only.  Unlike shop bought Easter Eggs, FabFudge egg's are solid all the way through!  
FabFudge was created in August 2016 on the back of an idea to help fundraise for Reboot Me With HSCT – A Multiple Sclerosis Fundraiser.


SIX - Graffiti Egg by Cope2

Part of the 2014 big Egg Hunt in New York City
"My egg is inspired by just being me keeping my essence, my originality and being authentic. It's how I've been the past 35 years as a NYC legendary graffiti street artist. " Cope2

SEVEN - Unicorn Easter Egg

Check out this unicorn easter egg made by

Pick 'n' Mix Parties & Gifts, super trendy right! They are handmade using the finest Belgian milk chocolate and hand decorated with sprinkles. Each egg has 4 layers of chocolate and containers even more inside with the  chocolate unicorns. Then each egg has more chocolate added on top and the sprinkles added on. Also available in a vegan option.



How about this graphic image? no material is excluded from this list. YWD is a site with free digital downloads and this particular digital eggs comes in some colourful options. This red decorative egg is one of our favourites


NINE -  Silver Egg Coddler

This antique Edwardian silver-plated egg coddler, sits in a frame with swing handle, with four removable egg cups, an interior egg-holder, and an original burner and still usable today. This one sold by Bryan Douglas or shop our egg coddler collection.

TEN - Pochaev Mother of God  Egg

Russian Orthodox Icon wood egg is by Not of This World Icons and Books. This is handmade, very high quality print that is inlaid to an egg. it has a separate stand.
These are sod by an Orthodox Christian website offering over 2000 different books, icons, crosses, icon eggs, lacquer boxes and other items from various parts of the Orthodox world.
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