Spooky Moment

Spooky Moment

Halloween Special I thought what can I do to make this season more memorable, spooky and fun for you? So here it is, pure spooky entertainment of spiritual antique appraisals, ‪scary stories, ghost hunting ‬and true stories‬. 

Spiritual Appraisal

We have had some of our favourite antiques read by a professional spiritualist. We had them take a look at some of our pre owned objects and asked them to share with us what was felt, seen and hidden behind our antique treasures. This spiritualist reader is highly respected in the field and has requested to remain anonymous.

The Earl Addison

"This one has “weight” Aristocratic energy, At least 200-240 years old. It had been used on ceremonies, people where using it touching it on big aristocratic gatherings. Upper middle class, almost elite families. Was in a castle. They loved it and appreciated this item. Has good spiritual value. Great item. Probably it belonged to a big family between 5-8 people's energy is around the item, these people loved each other and they were close to each other and in a good relationship." 

The Artist Anne

"Probably medical items. Belonged to a man, he brings medicines around and cure people in their home. In the first two of the containers had been used for herbs. The two were special herbs, these herbs grow in the forest where there is not much light and the doctor knew this secret. One is like mint the other is more like some sort of grass. The third had some sort of potion with butter and mixed with alcohol. This one was use with a little spoon to eat it to cure gout perhaps. The fourth also had been used for herbs however there is some sort of alcohol around it too, something that been used to inhale in, like amphetamine."  Shop The Artist Anne


Some Ghost Myths & Urban Legends

Ghost At The Old Vicarage 

The Old Coach House, a former Vicarage reputed to be the oldest building in South Shore, owner Claire Smith has been told by guests about the spirits that reside and watch over the guests. Allegedly the guests told her a male figure was staring at them eating a meal and was wearing a cap and black cloak. A second specter is female and has the name of Shirley and looks after the dinning room, many guests have seen them but to date the owners have not.

Juliette Gregson Heritage Photographer

An Urban American Horror Story


Who else is a massive fan of American Horror Story? Check out the super creepy, cool graphics by designer Arturo Navarro Art 



Ghost Myths At Carleton Crematorium

In December 1936, the Blackpool Evening Gazette carried an article which began excitedly; 'Carleton Ghost? A Layton taxi-driver claims he has seen a ghost with a green face, near the gates of Carleton Crematorium. The article meaningfully pointed out that five years previously a lonely widow had been battered to death in nearby Robins Lane – a quiet area near to Carleton - and perhaps the green face had been this poor woman's ghost? The Taxi driver Harry Hodges picked up a young lady from North station and was instructed to be taken to the crematorium. He pulled up to the gates and turned to take the fair, and found himself staring into the face of an old man, 'with sunken eyes, long dark hair, a Punch-like nose and prominent chin'. The woman screamed and jumped out of the cab and ran off, Harry watched as the face moved in front of his cab and then disappeared.

Juliette Gregson Heritage Photographer


Ghost Hunting With Talking Boards


Ideal for psychics, mediums, paranormal enthusiasts, paranormal groups and ghost events. A huge trend in today’s urban market these boards are accessory to a huge modern ghost hunting network. Now we see that these boards don't just belong in horror movies. What is a Ouija board, Talking board or spirt board? Find Out here.
Image curtesy of Talking Boards Company

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Happy Halloween - Tash 


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