Patterned Plants #TrendBlog

Patterned Plants #TrendBlog

House plants are still a strong trend in 2022 and they are getting bigger and more visually friendly  #Instagramableplants.  Pinterest searches for “patterned plants” and "houseplants"  have been on the increasing rise, with vibrant designs and colours, they may just be the cheapest way to give your rooms a new lease of life.



Large overbearing plants with large holy leaves like the Cheese plant give a double impact with the shadows against a white wall. On a smaller scale in addition to this, Air Plants give airy linear form against plain light backgrounds.  Air plants originate from Mexico and South America were they use their short, wiry roots to attach themselves to branches, cliff-faces, even electricity and telephone lines, rather than rooting in soil. Allow your creativity to flow when deciding where you can home your air plants.

Varying shapes and sizes of cactuses fit well with the current style trend of breaking out of traditional boundaries and housing them in quirky and unusual containers and vessels. The best look is to select a few potted or un-potted  plants with different patterns for impact and creativity. 


  •  Patterned plants with large interesting leaves.
  • The mix of light and dark greens as well as a rich burgundy accent to leaves.
  • The Prayer Plant is particularly on trend, also look out for the Rattlesnake Plant with highly patterned leaves.
  • Plants living off condensation within vintage test tubes and antique glass containers
  • Textured and green succulents in light coloured sand.

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