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The Mixologist Simon - Paper Mache Kashmir Box

The Mixologist Simon - Paper Mache Kashmir Box

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The Mixologist Simon is a handmade vintage paper mache Kashmir box.

He is a long pencil case shape box with push off lid.

Simon has detailed hand painted floral and architectural arch design on his lid and sides, typical style and finish to Indian Kashmir. His main colours are gold, white, green and red on a black base.

Courtney has a black lacquer insides and base.

He has some general wear otherwise good condition. 

He is made in India

Today this container can be used for everything, use them daily at home at work and in every room; toothbrush holder, to hold your supplements, make-up brushes, watches, a pencil holder, to name a few.


Length: 20.5cm  Width: 6.5cm   Height: 4.5cm

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