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The Director Mani - Antique Chinese Canton Dish

The Director Mani - Antique Chinese Canton Dish

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Mani is a 19th century hand painted decorative plate.

Chinese Canton celadon green plate that has been hand painted in bright enamel colours featuring butterflies, fruits and flowers.

Faded glided rim Has nibbles along edges and some crazing cracks lines throughout the glazed surface

Expertly crafted with attention to detail, this 19th century Chinese Canton export dish adds a touch of elegance to any modern setting.

Featuring vibrant hand-painted designs of butterflies, fruits, and flowers, this plate is a stunning work of art. Its faded gilded rim adds antique charm, while the small imperfections and cracks throughout its glazed surface showcase its handmade nature.

The underside of Mani is marked in a highly stylised reign seal mark possibly for Daoguang. Often referred to as Canton porcelain. 

Dates 1850- 60c

Perfect for a modern desk or dining table, this dish is versatile, functioning as a container for condiments, butter, or even office supplies like pins and paperclips.


Diameter: 19cm 

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