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Antique Silver Retractable Pencil
Antique Silver Retractable Pencil

The Director Lindsay - Antique Silver Retractable Pencil

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Lindsay is a antique chatelaine retractable pencil. 

She is evenly ribbed body body for easy grip

Her silver plated body is in good condition

Her twist mechanism retracts in and out which would reveal a lead pencil and she has a secure top ring. 

Note the replaceable lead pencils can be easily purchased

Nib reads Made In England

Lindsays precise equality engineering design makes her still fully functional today.

A chatelaine is a decorative accessory worn at the waist with a series of chains with essential l household tools at the end of each chain. Usually in Sterling silver and silver plate, the tools will also include, watches, button hooks, pin cases, pocket knife. The bigger and more elaborate the chatelaine the more affluent the household. This busy accessory was mainly adored by the head housekeeper.

Today Lindsay will be great accessories to customise into a jewellery pendant, were as a brooch on knitwear or use as originally intended. Be creative with her end use.


Length: 10cm

Width: 0.8cm