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The Director Kieran - Box Of Vintage Religious Slides

The Director Kieran - Box Of Vintage Religious Slides

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The Director Kieran is a vintage box containing religious slides.

Commonly known as Magic lantern slides, these glass discs would have been used to display the images in a magic lantern device. 

Kieran has a total of 31 images of spiritual and text scripts include many of Jesus, photos, paintings, sculpture, architecture and religious scripts and bible extracts. An amazing find 

These magic lantern glass slides are each stunning on their own and even more especially as this set.

Kieran's slides also have a trade mark logo

A few of his slide have cracks and chips, a few lab small table deputising the scenes 

His box is well worn with sever damage throughout. He has a worn workable leather strap and buckle. His hinges work well. 


Box Height: 10cm Width: 13cm Depth: 11cm

Slides Length: 8cm Width: 8cm

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