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The Director Holly - Large Antique Wine & Port Funnel

The Director Holly - Large Antique Wine & Port Funnel

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Holly is a charming, traditional silver-plated wine funnel

Designed to filter sediment from fine wine, by decanting a bottle directing the flow against the side of the decanter.

She is a stunning pice in very fine quality Old Sheffield Silver Plate with traditional gadroon boarder design

She is a 3 piece wine funnel with strainer, spout and the muslin ring, which is often missing.

No visible makers marks 

Holly dates Georgian 

She has some mild scratches on her funnel and silver patina throughout due to age and use. Also slightly bent on her strainer base which did not interfere with fit and not visual in use. 

She is a fine piece of craftsmanship functional to use and gorgeous enough to show off


Length 17.5cm  Width 11.5cm 

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