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The Director Harrison - Antique Novelty Money Box

The Director Harrison - Antique Novelty Money Box

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Harrison is a wooden scratch built antique money box in the style of a kitchen dresser

He has two drawers to allow the to side coins to fall in and disappear. The cabinet doors are for show only and do not open. 

He has tiny brass drawer and door handles 

He has to screws missing on this 4 screw base. Easy to replace. This base secures the coins

Harrison has good age and patina throughout the wood

Very charming and collectible coin box 

He is scratch built so a one off original built for purpose so it’s well used and wear is evident, with some chips and scratches throughout.

Dates late Victorian to Edwardian


Length: 15cm     Depth:9.5 cm    Height: 10.5cm

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