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Master Warren - Antique Old Sheffield Plate Silver Dish

Master Warren - Antique Old Sheffield Plate Silver Dish

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Master Warren is a is a quality A1 silver plate dish.

With oval  body and  tuned edge

This silver dish is elegant and heavy

His marks on the base is  Hard Soldered, Z574 Patent 398940, A1 

Maker is John Henry Potter Sheffield

Has lots of desirable age age and patina to him, with his copper tone coming through. He has scratched and marks throughout adding to his antique appeal

Originally used as a wine bottle holder, Warren is  fabulously formed, ready for a modern desk or dinning table perfect for condiments, butter, pins or paperclips.

If looking to use for seasonings or garnish, don't forget to check out our spoon collections in The Headhunter


W: 135cm H: 5cm D: 11cm

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