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Antique Copper Printing Plate of a Knife

Antique Copper Printing Plate of a Knife

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Take a look at the wonderful antique etched copper printing plate of a knife for John Wilson’s catalogue

Copper plate on wooden block, this was used for the John Wilson’s knives and cutlery catalogue.

I love a good printing plate, on top of being a massive fan of antique cutlery so I think they are absolutely great.

The image detail of this unique block is amazing, image of a detailed carving knife 

Rare and wonderful item, this block dates 1933

The detail of this unique block is amazing and rare to find a named catalogue piece

Unique plates purely for decorate effect and add non glass frame. Or maybe collect a few as a decorative project as wall tiles. Discover some copper printing plate inspiration here

Dimension  Length: 10.5cm    Width: 1.5cm    Depth: 2.5cm

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