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Antique Carved Frames Designs: Book of Plates

Antique Carved Frames Designs: Book of Plates

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Collection of Carved Frames: paintings of the Louvre Museum and the museum of the central union of decorative arts.

Cadres Sculptes A rare book with over a hundred of detailed plates all loose pages, plates designs of antique hand carved frames for works of art museum painting. Stunning reference for designers, crafters and historians enthusiasts.

Great print condition, paper quality and all images printed in one side so great for mounting or framing.

Discover the intricate craftsmanship of hand carved frames with this rare collection, this book is a stunning reference for designers, crafters, and historians alike.

Each page is complete, though the age and foxing may add a charming patina to the paper edges. 

Only small section of this book is show in the video and photos. So much more to discover.

Dates late Victorian 


30cm  x  20.2cm

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